Lauren Dees-Erickson for VT House Franklin-8
Photo by Stina Booth Photography

Hi, I'm Lauren.

VT State House Candidate, Franklin-8

  • I’m running for the State House in St. Albans' newly created Franklin-8 district.

  • I live in a historic home in St. Albans City with my husband and our two school-aged children.

  • As a working parent, with aging parents, and I care deeply for working families and seniors. As a homeowner, I care about rising taxes. I believe that we need to make sure we preserve an accessible and affordable Vermont.

  • As the Vice-Chair of the St. Albans Planning Commission, I work with my fellow Commissioners on issues that impact policies related to housing, density, and zoning.

  • In my day job, I am a Technical Advisor in the civil society and peacebuilding sector of an international non-profit. Through my work, I elevate the voices of citizens and work with local and national governments to build systems so that they can better address the needs of their constituents.

  • We need local leaders that are responsive, who have the vision, and a commitment to fight for all of our futures.

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I chose St. Albans for the community: A small rural city where neighbors look out for each other, kindness is the norm, not the exception.

I am often reminded of my childhood spent biking, hiking, and swimming. This is the place I choose to raise my kids and own a home, a hundred and sixty-year-old house with ample space for my family and our chickens and dogs.

Through backyard gatherings, birthday parties, playground playdates, and bonfires I have connected with neighbors. We have talked a lot about our shared experiences and our concerns. I first became civically engaged on the Planning Commission because of my concerns around housing, and zoning. My choices have all aimed to preserve the wonderful aspects of St. Albans and to find ways to make sure the future of St. Albans is just as good.

I see a need for more responsive representation, for leaders with vision who are doing more and who are willing to fight for the future of St. Albans.

I’m running for State House in Franklin 8 because the needs of my community are not being met. What is best for our community is support for teachers at every stage of their careers and local schools that have the services and support that allow students to access success.

As a community we are bound together, if my neighbor fails, then I fail, that means we need to make sure that the American dream is accessible and affordable, our social safety net is strengthened, and the doors of economic opportunity are wide enough that everyone can walk through them. We also need to make a commitment to diversity of thought and equity of access so that our community continues to grow.

We’ve seen what’s being done, and now it’s time to push for more.

Lauren Dees-Erickson, MBA
Candidate, VT State House FRA-8